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Pachet Basic Plus

All You Need to Learn about Dubai Escorts

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Continutul abonamentului 4€ – luna / 48€ – an

Spatiu Total

1500 MB

Spatiu FTP

500 MB

Casute email


Spatiu total casute email

1000 MB

Suport PHP


Baza de date MySQL


Domenii gazduite


Subdomenii gazduite


Domenii parcate


Cron Jobs


Director CGI-BIN




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    Optiuni disponibile pentru toate abonamentele

    POP3/IMAP email

    Antivirus email

    Conturi FTP

    Email forward nelimitat


    Cont colector email



    Suport 24/7


    Filtre ANTISPAM

    Backup zilnic

    Email alias nelimitat

    Acces webmail


    + 1 Baza de date MySQL

    + 1.00 € / luna

    + 500 MB (FTP/MySQL)

    + 1.00 € / luna

    + 5 casute (+1Gb)

    + 2.00 € / luna

    + Domeniu auxiliar gazduit

    + 2.00 € / luna

    + Domeniu parcat

    + 0.50 € / luna

    Inregistrare domenii

    Inregistrare domeniu .ro

    35 € / nedefinit

    Inregistrare domeniu .com .net .org

    10 € / an

    Inregistrare domeniu .eu

    10 € / an